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B.Sc. Maths

About the Department

The Department of Mathematics was started at the time of inception of the college in 2007. Since then its excellence in each and every aspect has played an important role in all the departments of the Institute. Presently the department is offering B.Sc. (Mathematics).

The Faculty team comprises of various fields of specializations like Graph Theory, domination in graphs, labeling in graphs, Fuzzy logic, Statistics, Operations research etc., The department has well equipped laboratories through which creative ideas are sown in the minds of the students.

To be a global centre of excellence in mathematics for the growth of science and technology.


  • To provide quality education and research in Mathematics through updated curriculum, effective teaching learning process.
  • To inculcate innovative skills, team-work, ethical practices among students so as to meet societal expectations.

Program Educational Objectives

Technical Proficiency:

Provide a degree course, suitable for students of high ability, combining and relating mathematics, statistics, and the social sciences.

Professional Growth:

Prepare students for further study, or for professional and managerial careers, particularly in areas requiring the application of quantitative skills.

Management Skills:

Provide students with a knowledge of mathematics, Management and the interaction between the two.

Program Outcomes

POs describe what students are expected to know or be able to do by the time of graduation from the programme. The Program Outcomes of UG in Mathematics are:

At the end of the programme, the students will be able to:

  • Think in a critical manner.
  • Know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand.
  • Formulate and develop mathematical arguments in a logical manner.
  • Acquire good knowledge and understanding in advanced areas of mathematics and statistics, chosen by the student from the given courses.
  • Understand, formulate and use quantitative models arising in social science, business and other contexts.

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