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M.Sc. (Computer Science)

About the Department

The Department of Computer Science (PG) was established in the year 2011 with a view to fulfill the dynamic needs of IT sector all over the world. The department is well equipped with all the basic and latest resources. The department comprises of well qualified and dedicated faculty team.

The academic performance of the department was outstanding. The department has made an everlasting impression in the world of computer education in Tamil Nadu. Since, the aim of the department is to reach the zenith, it is taking the required steps focusing towards the goal.

The competitive modern world forces the individuals to have an extra edge to be successful. Programmes to develop such qualities are the other important aspects of the department.

Our ambition is to make the students use their intellectual calibre for effective and quick acquisition.

To create high quality professionals, to keep place with the advances in computer science technologies and to develop a sense of self discipline, social responsibility and co-operative work attitude.

To provide a dynamic learning environment that emphasizes life-long learning, problem solving skills, team work, leadership skills and communications to achieve our vision.

Program Educational Objectives

  • To develop the overall character and personality of our students and mould them as good citizens with integrity and modularity for nations building.
  • To provide appropriate guidance for the students in quest for higher knowledge.
  • To provide excellent laboratory and infrastructure facilities meeting the best standards as laid down by the government and more.
  • To provide an atmosphere in which students can realize their fullest intellectual potential through discipline, spiritual values and dedicated hard work.
  • To promote institute – industry interaction, provide professional counseling and ensure placements for our students in meeting, their career challenges.
  • The Department had always been the role model for the other Colleges of the Thiruvalluvar University.
  • During every syllabus revision the latest trends in the IT industry like Android programming, Cloud Computing, Pervasive Computing etc., are included in order to equip the professional skills to the UG and PG students.
  • Dress code is insisted among students to have Professional look. Our Students are very much appreciated by their employers for their values and professional commitment.
  • The thrust areas of research are Cognitive Informatics, Data Mining, Web Services, Network Security and Mobile Computing.
  • Class room teaching by the staffs under the supervision of the HOD is made mandatory; the evaluation is included in the CIA of the General skills for Teaching and Learning paper.
  • Along with their Research Advisors, the staffs have published paper in 10 National / International Journals / Conferences.

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